Scholarship, Sacrifice and Subjectivity

Scholarship, Sacrifice and Subjectivity

The Renaissance Bible Today


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Introduction: Scholarship, Sacrifice and Subjectivity: The Renaissance Bible Today Hannah Crawforth and Russ Leo 1. Some Early Citizens of the Respublica Litterarum Sacrarum: Christian Scholars and the Masorah Before 1550 Anthony Grafton 2. William Tyndale and Erasmus on How to Read the Bible: A Newly Discovered Manuscript of the English Enchiridion Brian Cummings 3. Jean Calvin, Christ's Despair, and the Reformation Decensus ad Inferos Russ Leo 4. "A Second Bible": Liturgy and Interpretation in the Expositions of John Boys Beth Quitslund 5. The Reformation of Hebrew Scripture: Chosen People, Chosen Nations, and Exceptionalism Achsah Guibbory