Saints as Intercessors between the Wealthy and the Divine

Saints as Intercessors between the Wealthy and the Divine

Art and Hagiography among the Medieval Merchant Classes


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1 Introduction, Emily Kelley and Cynthia Turner Camp 2 Cuthbertine Hermits and North Sea Merchant Traders, Christiania Whitehead 3 The Sunday Saint: Keeping a Holy "Merchant's Time" in the Middle English Life of Erasmus, Cynthia Turner Camp 4 Birgitta of Sweden and the Merchant Classes of Lubeck, Elizabeth A. Andersen 5 For the Hope of Salvation and the Honor of Family: Merchant Devotional Concerns in Early Sixteenth-Century Burgos, Emily Kelley 6 For Salvation or Reputation? The Representation of Saints in a Jouvenel des Ursins Book of Hours, Jennifer Courts 7 Spaces and Times for Worship: Merchant Devotion to the Saints in Late Medieval Barcelona, Montserrat Barniol Lopez 8 The Fisher Miscellany: Reconstructing a Late Medieval Merchant Family's Book and its Fashionable Hagiography, Joni Henry 9 London's Goldsmiths and the Cult of St. Dunstan, ca. 1430-1530, Gary G. Gibbs 10 Success, Salvation, and Servitude: Tallinn's Brotherhood of the Black Heads and its Relationship with Local and Regional Saint Cults, Lehti Mairike Keelmann 11 Reanimating the Power of Holy Protectors: Merchants and their Saints in the Visual Culture of Medieval and Early Modern Venice, Karen Rose Mathews 12 Afterword: The Service of Merchants: Politics, Wealth, and Intercessional Devotion in Later Medieval Italy, Janine Larmon Peterson
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