SMART Supply Network

SMART Supply Network

Kawa, Arkadiusz; Maryniak, Anna

Springer International Publishing AG






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Part I: New Technologies Supply Networks.- E-Supply Network Management - Unused Potential?.- Blockchain Applications in Supply Chain.- New Technological Solutions in Logistics on the Example of Logistics Operators in Poland and Ukraine.- Part II: Measurement and Improvement of Supply Networks.- Smart Supply Network - Drivers, Opportunities, and Challenges.- Measuring Performance of Adaptive Supply Chains.- Losses in Transportation - Importance and Methods of Handling.- Part III: Green Supply Networks.- The Importance of Intra-Firm Relationships in Green Supply Chain Management - A Conceptual Framework.- Green and Lean Activities of Vertically Integrated Links as a Way of Creating Smart Supply Networks.- The Importance of Information Flow and Knowledge Exchange for the Creation of Green Supply Chains.- Part IV: E-Commerce and Digitalization.- Mutual Influence of Traditional Trading Chains and E-Commerce: Trends and Metrics.- Digital Consumer Needs in Digital Supply Network Creation.- Value for the Customer in the Logistics Service of E-Commerce.- The Influence of Prosumers on the Creation and the Process of Intelligent Products Flow.
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