Routledge Library Editions: Soviet Foreign Policy

Routledge Library Editions: Soviet Foreign Policy

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1. The Adversaries: America, Russia and the Open World, 1941-62 Michael Balfour 2. The Afghan Syndrome: How to Live with Soviet Power Bhabani Sen Gupta 3. American-Soviet Relations Peter G. Boyle 4. China and the Soviet Union Aitchen K. Wu 5. Commonwealth and Independence in Post-Soviet Eurasia Edited by Bruno Coppieters, Alexei Zverev and Dmitri Trenin 6. Gorbachev's Third World Dilemmas Edited by Kurt M. Campbell and S. Neil MacFarlane 7. In the Direction of the Persian Gulf A. Yodfat and M. Abir 8. Khrushchev and the Communist World Edited by R.F. Miller and F. Feiheir 9. Leadership Selection and Patron-Client Relations in the USSR and Yugoslavia Edited by T.H. Rigby and Bohdan Harasymiw 10. The Limits to Power: Soviet Policy in the Middle East Edited by Yaacov Ro'i 11. The New Communist Third World Edited by Peter Wiles 12. The Russians in the Arctic Terence Armstrong 13. Soviet Foreign Policy after Stalin David J. Dallin 14. Soviet Foreign Policy Today Robert F. Miller 15. Soviet Risk-Taking and Crisis Behavior Hannes Adomeit 16. The Soviet Union and Cuba Peter Shearman 17. The Soviet Union and Egypt, 1945-1955 Rami Ginat 18. The Soviet Union and India Peter J.S. Duncan 19. The Soviet Union and National Liberation Movements in the Third World Galia Golan 20. The Soviet Union in the Third World Edited by Robert H. Donaldson 21. The Soviet Union in World Politics Edited by Kurt London 22. The Soviet World Luca Pietromarchi 23. Soviet-East European Relations as a Problem for the West Edited by Richard D. Vine 24. Turkism and the Soviets Charles Warren Hostler 25. The USSR and Latin America Edited by Eusebio Mujal-Leon 26. World Order in History: Russia and the West Paul Dukes
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