Routledge Handbook of Queer African Studies

Routledge Handbook of Queer African Studies

Nyeck, S.N.

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Part I: Perspectives on Care 1. Traditional African Systems of Land Ownership and their Impact on Lesbian Women 2. Queering Love: Sex, Care, Capital, and Academic Prejudices 3. Women who Love Women: Negotiation of African Traditions and Kinship 4. Queer African Studies and Directions in Methodology Part II: Perspectives on Participation 5. LGBTIQ Political Participation in South Africa: The Rights, the Real, and the Representation 6. Are You a Footballer? The Radical Potential of Women's Football at the National Level 7. The Quest for Belonging among Male Sex Workers and Hustlers in Nairobi Part III: Perspectives on Morality and Ethics 8. Can Black Queer Feminists Believe in God? An Exploration of Feminism, Sexuality, and the Spiritual 9. Leaky Anuses, Loose Vaginas, and Large Penises: A Heirarchy of Sexualized Bodies in the Pentecostal Imaginary 10. Moral Agency and the Paradox of Positionality: Disruptive Bodies and Queer Resistance in Senegalese Women's Soccer Part IV: Perspectives on Techniques and Technology 11. Teaching Sex Times: A Space for Conversation and Knowledge Building about Sex 12. A Man with Boundaries: Masculinities, Technologies, and Counter Publics in Urban Accra 13. Deconstructing Homosexuality in Ghana Part V: Perspectives on Neoliberalism 14. Revisiting Authoritative Accounts of #FeesMustFall Movement and LGBTI Silencing 15. Sex and Money in West Africa: The "Money" Problem in West African Sexual Diversity Politics 16. Normative Collusions and Amphibious Evasions: The Contested Politics of Queer Self-Making in Neoliberal Ghana Part VI: Perspectives on Negotiating Social Education 17. Adventures from the Bedrooms of African Queer Women 18. "We have sex, but we don't talk about it": Examining Silences in Teaching and Learning about Sex and Sexuality in Ghana and Ethiopia 19. Caught between Worlds: Ghanaian Youth's Views of Hybrid Sexuality 20. Sex Panics and LGBTQ Children's Rights to Schooling
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gender africa; homosexuality africa; neoliberalism; queer Africa studies; queer africa; sexualities africa; sexuality africa; social care; social education