Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Improving Performance for Bottom-Line Results, Fifth Edition

Latino, Mark A.; Latino, Kenneth C.; Latino, Robert J.

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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1. Introduction to the PROACT Root Cause Analysis (RCA) Work Process. 2. Introduction to Root Cause Analysis. 3. Creating the Environment to Succeed. 4. Failure Classification. 5. Preserving Event Data. 6. Ordering the Analysis Team. 7. Analyzing the Data. 8. Communicating Recommendations & Findings. 9. Tracking for Bottom-Line Results. 10. Proactive Human Error Reduction Techniques (HERT). 11. The Role of RCA in Reliability and Safety. 12. RCA Investigation Management System. 13. Root Cause Analysis Case Histories.
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis; FMEA; OA; Opportunity Analysis; RCA; Root Cause Analysis