Robert Mugabe's Lost Jewel of Africa

Robert Mugabe's Lost Jewel of Africa

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Preface; Foreword; 1 Childhood ; 2 The Adventure Begins; 3 Another Continent: Virtually Another World; 4 First Impressions; 5 School; 6 Gwelo, and Further Afield: A Tobacco Farm; 7 Leisure; 8 Flora and Fauna, including Snakes!; 9 Wankie Game Reserve; 10 Timot; 11 A Schoolboy Expedition; 12 Further Topics of Interest: Judy'; 13 The Matopos: Great Zimbabwe; 14 Advent of the Missionaries; 15 A Latter-Day Missionary; 16 The Victoria Falls: Dr David Livingstone; 17 Cecil John Rhodes: Gold!; 18 The Matabele War and Rebellion; 19 Mrs Jeannie Boggie: A Living Link with the Past; 20 The Afrikaners; 21 The Death of Rhodes: Inyanga; 22 Federation; 23 The Blacks: Health, Education, Apartheid; 24 The Land Issue: The Rise of African Nationalism; 25 Robert Mugabe: Influence of Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana: Nyasaland, Catalyst for Change; 26 Farewell: Aftermath: Independence; 27 Robert Mugabe: Blood and Tears.