Rethinking the Local in Indian History

Rethinking the Local in Indian History

Perspectives from Southern Bengal


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Introduction Part I: Textual Representations, Public Discourses 1. Dynastic Times: A Chronology for Memories in Bishnupur 2. Tidal Histories: Envisioning the Sundarbans, 1860s-1920s 3. Representations of Manbhum and Purulia in Orientalist Texts and the Task of Salvaging the Past of the Region Part II: Pedagogic Practices, Local Articulations 4. The Small Voices of History: Subaltern Technologists of Colonial Bengal 5. The Advent of Primary Education in Bengal 6. Education and Training for Coal Miners: 'Ignorance' and 'Knowledge' in the Collieries of Raniganj and Jharia, 1901-1930 Part III: Administrative Imperatives, Governmental Manoeuvres 7. Military Interventions and Surveys in Southwest Bengal, c. 1765: Midnapore "Frontier" and the Wider Jangal Mahal 8. Rethinking Detection in Bengal: Police Work in the Districts and the City in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries 9. Influx and Efflux: A Case Study of the Nadia District, 1947-1971
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