Responsible Citizens and Sustainable Consumer Behavior

Responsible Citizens and Sustainable Consumer Behavior

New Interpretive Frameworks

Lanzini, Pietro

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 New perspectives in consumer behavior 1.2 Consumer behavior in the age of sustainability 1.3 Research in a crowded field: how to contribute? 1.4 Book structure Chapter 2: From green consumers to responsible citizens 2.1 Labels matter: the concept of responsible citizens 2.2 Early attempts of analyzing sustainable behaviors 2.3 From Reasoned Action to Planned Behavior 2.4 Values, norms and other psychological models 2.5 The need for further perspectives of analysis Chapter 3: The trap of behavioral patterns: the role of habits 3.1 Habits in consumer behavior research 3.2 Operationalization of habits 3.3 How to measure habits 3.4 Integrating habits in a rationalistic perspective on consumer behavior 3.5 How to disrupt deeply rooted behavioral patterns Chapter 4: Praise or money? Rewards' effectiveness in shaping behaviors 4.1 An overview on incentives 4.2 The effects of rewards on motivation 4.3 Implications for policy and business Chapter 5: How behaviors are interrelated: the spillover effect 5.1 Behavioral spillover, an intriguing concept for an open debate 5.2 Theoretical foundations for positive spillover 5.3 Theoretical foundations for negative spillover 5.4 A methodology to investigate spillover Chapter 6: A model for understanding responsible citizens' behavior 6.1 The need for a holistic and flexible approach 6.2 Factors to be included in the analysis 6.3 The proposition of an innovative interpretative framework Chapter 7: From theory to practice: a real-life intervention study 7.1 Investigating sustainable behaviors: an intervention study 7.2 Methods 7.3 Results 7.4 Appendix - Online questionnaire
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