Research Handbook on Corporate Restructuring

Research Handbook on Corporate Restructuring


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Contents: Preface xii 1 Corporate rescue through the ages 1 Paul J. Omar PART I NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL MODELS FOR RESCUE 2 International organisations and the search for global insolvency standards 17 Gerard McCormack 3 The evolution of corporate rescue in Canada and the United States 40 Jassmine Girgis 4 The idea of rescue and the Chapter 11 model 59 Edward Janger 5 Trust as a turnaround technique to influence the continuity versus asset recovery decision of restructuring bankers: An empirical tale 73 J A A Adriaanse and J I van der Rest 6 Reforms in adverse economic climates: how reforms take place in the Eurozone 87 Catarina Serra, Alexandra Kastrinou and Giulia Valla PART II STAKEHOLDERS IN INSOLVENCY 7 Involving secured creditors in restructuring proceedings 120 Francisco Garcimartin and Nuria Bermejo 8 Potential liability for directors during corporate restructuring: comparative perspectives 143 Jason Harris and Anil Hargovan 9 Employees as stakeholders in restructuring and insolvency: acquired rights and business transfers 166 Jennifer L. L. Gant 10 The position of shareholders in a restructuring 185 Stephan Madaus 11 Consumers, entrepreneurs and insolvency proceedings 201 Tuula Linna PART III CORPORATE STRUCTURES AND ORGANISATIONAL MODELS 12 Corporate groups 214 Jessica Schmidt 13 Bank insolvency - recovery and resolution 228 Andrew Campbell and Paula Moffatt 14 Making insolvency law responsive to the needs of financially distressed micro and small enterprises 246 Janis Sarra 15 Franchisees as externalities of insolvent franchisors: a windfall gain for employees? 261 Jenny Buchan 16 Insolvent partnerships: development of a normative framework based on a contractual paradigm 278 Rebecca Parry PART IV SPECIALIST PROCESS ISSUES 17 Insurance procedures in corporate insolvency: a comparison of the arrangements in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand 299 Robin Bowley 18 Pension rights and funds 327 David Pollard 19 Patent-rich firms and corporate restructuring: patent signalling, valuation, and governance 346 Janice Denoncourt 20 The impact of artificial intelligence on insolvency law and practice 377 Christoph Henkel PART V INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT 21 The realm of soft law instruments in restructuring and insolvency law 401 Gert-Jan Boon and Bob Wessels 22 Cross-border corporate restructurings, judicial assistance and judge-made law: New Zealand and Cayman Island experiences 430 Hon Paul Heath QC and Hon Justice Ian Kawaley 23 Corporate insolvency practitioners: ethics and fiduciary duties 447 Lezelle Jacobs PART VI INTERDISCIPLINARY AND CROSS-FIELDS OF INSOLVENCY AND RESTRUCTURING 24 Overlooked human rights concerns in the restructuring and insolvency context 466 Chrystin Ondersma 25 The role of social policy in corporate rescue and restructuring: a messy business 476 Jennifer L L Gant 26 Law and economics of corporate financial difficulty 500 Jonathan Hardman 27 A behavioural law and economics perspective on EU restructuring and insolvency law 513 Annika Wolf 28 The analytical boundary between corporate reorganisation and sale in corporate bankruptcy theory 525 Sarah Paterson Index
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corporate restructuring; financial distress; insolvency; corporate rehabilitation; financial crisis; corporate rescue; rescue culture