Religious Intimacies

Religious Intimacies

Intersubjectivity in the Modern Christian West


Indiana University Press






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Introduction: Recovering Relationships as a Path through the Modern Christian West / Mary Dunn and Brenna Moore 1. Body, Subjectivity, and Society in Religious Studies / Constance M. Furey 2. "Thine Own by Adoption": Conversion, Integration, and Fictive Kinship in the Life of Therese Oionhaton, Seventeenth-Century Wendat Convert / Emma Anderson 3. Making Miracles Efficacious: Katherine Tekakwitha, Miraculous Cures, and Relational Networks in Seventeenth-Century New France / Mary Dunn 4. Soren Kierkegaard and Religious Sensibility: Communion in Intimate Life / Edward F. Mooney 5. Henry Adams, Clover Adams, and the Death of the Real / Amy Hollywood 6. Objects of Devotion: Intimacy and Material Relations in Mexican Catholicism / Jennifer Scheper Hughes 7. The Rhetoric of Solitude and the Practice of Friendship: Reading Catholic Intellectual History in the Study of Religion / Brenna Moore 8. A Vocation of Contested Intimacies: U.S. Roman Catholic Priesthood in the Mid-Twentieth Century / John Seitz 9. Embracing Nimrod's Legacy: The Erotic, the Irreverence of Fantasy, and the Redemption of Black Theology / Anthony Pinn -- Indiana University Press
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