Reframing Critical, Literary, and Cultural Theories

Reframing Critical, Literary, and Cultural Theories

Thought on the Edge

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Introduction: Recoding the Past, Reinventing the Post; Nicoletta PiredduPart I. Meta-theoretical Premises1. Critiquing the Critique, Ming Xie2. The Scope of Literary Theory; Patrick Colm Hogan3. In Defense of an Unstable Literature, Sebastien DoubinskyPart II. Theoretical Approaches to Literature4. Illegitimacy as Norm: On the Temporal Structure of Science and Theory; Kirk Wetters5. On Aristocratic Reading: The Ordeal of Conversion; Peter Paik6. Reconstructing Religion and Literature; Vincent Pecora7. Transcreationl Martine Hennard Dutheil de la RocherePart III. Critical and Cultural Theories8. Space, Mobility, and Materiality: Rethinking Notions of Geographic Coherence; Diana Sorensen9. Outsourcing Post-Colonialism; Rukmini Bhaya Nair10. Provincializing Posthumanism; Neda Atanasoki11. Experimental Cosmopolitanism; Didier CosteCoda12. Critical Pedagogy: Practical Occidentalism in the Classroom; Robert Cowan
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