Reference Services and Technical Services

Reference Services and Technical Services

Interactions in Library Practice


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1. The Nature of the Problem, If It Is a Problem Gordon Stevenson 2. View From the Top: The Library Administrator's Changing Perspective on Standardization Schemes and Cataloguing Practices in American Libraries, 1891-1901 Wayne A. Wiegand 3. Current Issues in Technical Services Gordon Stevenson 4. The Changing Roles and Relationships of Staff in Technical Services and Reference/Readers' Services in the Era of Online Public Access Catalogues Pauline A. Cochrane 5. The Ecumenical Library Michael Gorman 6. Noblesse Oblige: Collection Development as a Public Service Responsibility Larry Earl Bone 7. The Impact of AACR2 on the Harvard Library Union Catalogue: A Case Study Carol F. Ishimoto 8. Inter-Library Loan as an Unobtrusive Measure of Bibliographic Efficiency Sally Stevenson and Gwen Deiber 9. Reference Services, Serials Cataloguing, and the Patron Deborah J. Karpuk 10. The Flaw of Subject Access in the Library Catalogue: An Opinion Norman D. Stevens 11. User Categories and User Convenience in Subject Cataloguing Francis Miska 12. Where Have All the Moonies Gone? Sanford Berman 13. Classification Schemes as Cognitive Maps Richard A. Gray 14. The DDC and Its Users: Current Policies John A. Humphrey and Judith Kramer-Greene 15. Personality, Knowledge and the Reference Librarian Charles D. Patterson
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