Reducing Secondary Traumatic Stress

Reducing Secondary Traumatic Stress

Skills for Sustaining a Career in the Helping Professions

Miller, Brian C.

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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About the Author Acknowledgements Foreword by Francoise Mathieu Section I: Where We Begin: The Ordinary and Familiar World Chapter One: Accepting the Challenge Section II: Leaving the Familiar World Chapter Two: Experiential Engagement: Entering the Woods at the Darkest Place Chapter Three: Reducing Rumination: Leaving the Ghosts that Follow Conscious Narrative: Telling Our Story Chapter Four: Stories of the Quest: The Antecedent Narrative Chapter Five: Point of Contact: The Concurrent Narrative Chapter Six: Stories Around the Fire: The Consolidation Narrative Section III: Returning with the Elixir Chapter Seven: Reducing Emotional Labor: Making Our Work Easier Chapter Eight: Activating Parasympathetic Recovery: Breathing Lessons Chapter Nine: CE-CERT Echoes: Creating Synergy Between the CE-CERT Skills Index