Rebels, Believers, Survivors

Rebels, Believers, Survivors

Studies in the History of the Albanians

Oxford University Press






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Preface 1: Glimpses of Fifteenth-Century Albania: The Pilgrim Narratives 2: The Kelmendi: Notes on the Early History of a Catholic Albanian Clan 3: An Unknown Account of Ottoman Albania: Antonio Bruni's Treatise on the beylerbeylik of Rumeli (1596) 4: Crypto-Christianity and Religious Amphibianism in the Ottoman Balkans: the Case of Kosovo 5: Early Modern Albanians in the Hands of the Inquisition 6: Pjeter Bogdani's Cuneus prophetarum (1685): The Work and its Religious Context 7: The 'Great Migration' of the Serbs from Kosovo (1690): History, Myth and Ideology 8: Ali Pasha and Great Britain during the Napoleonic Wars 9: British Diplomacy and the League of Prizren, 1878-1880 10: The First Albanian Autobiography 11: Ernesto Cozzi (1870-1926): A Neglected Figure in Albanian Studies and in the History of Albania 12: Myths of Albanian National Identity: Some Key Elements, as Expressed in the Works of Albanian Writers in America in the Early Twentieth Century List of Manuscripts
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