Readings of Dogen's "Treasury of the True Dharma Eye"

Readings of Dogen's "Treasury of the True Dharma Eye"

Columbia University Press






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List of Illustrations Preface Part I. Textual Sources and Resources 1. Creativity and Originality: Orientations, Reorientations, and Disorientations 2. Receptivity and Reliability: Numerous Levels of Significance 3. Multiplicity and Variability: Differing Versions and Interpretations Part II. Religious Teachings and Practices 4. Reality and Mentality: On Perceiving the World of Sentient and Insentient Beings 5. Temporality and Ephemerality: On Negotiating Living and Dying 6. Expressivity and Deceptivity: To Speak or Not to Speak 7. Reflexivity and Adaptability: The Functions and Dysfunctions of Meditation 8. Rituality and Causality: On Monastic Discipline and Motivation Appendix 1: Titles of Treasury Fascicles Appendix 2: Comparison of Versions of the Treasury Appendix 3: Timeline for Dogen and the Treasury Appendix 4: Complete Translations of the Treasury Character Glossary Notes Bibliography Index
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