Raymond Smullyan on Self Reference

Raymond Smullyan on Self Reference


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Introduction; Melvin Fitting.- Formal Systems, Logics, and Programs; Robert L. Constable.- Adaptive Fault Diagnosis using Self-Referential Reasoning; Robert Cowen.- Russell's Paradox, Godel's Theorem ; Melvin Fitting.- Dance of the Starlings ; Henk Barendregt ; Jorg Endrullis ; Jan Willem Klop ; Johannes Waldmann.- Some Tweets About Mockingbirds; Rick Statman.- What I Tell You Three Times Is True ; Martin Davis.- Goedel, Lucas, and the Soul-Searching Selfie ; Vann Mc Gee.- An Island Tale for Young Anthropologists; Andrew G. Buchanan & John H. Conway.- Making the hardest logic puzzle ever' a bit harder ; Walter Carnielli.- Bibliography; Raymond Smullyan.
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Raymond Smullyan death;Raymond Smullyan dead;Henk Barendregt Smullyan;Robert Cowen Smullyan;Martin Davis Smullyan;Vann McGee Smullyan;Richard Statman Smullyan;Stephen Yablo Smullyan;Bob Constable Smullyan;John Conway Smullyan;Andrew Buchanan Smullyan;Walter Carnielli Smullyan;Jorg Endrullis Smullyan;Jan Willem Klop Smullyan;Goedel Johannes Smullyan;Self-reference logic;Incompleteness logic;Constructive Type Theory;Recursion logic;Raymond Smullyan RIP