Racialized Labour in Romania

Racialized Labour in Romania

Spaces of Marginality at the Periphery of Global Capitalism

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1. Introduction: Racialized Labour of the Dispossessed as an Endemic Feature of Capitalism2. Working Status in Deprived Urban Areas and their Greater Economic Role3. Ghettoization: The Production of Marginal Spaces of Housing and the Reproduction of Racialized Labour4. Social Citizenship at the Margins5. Framing the "Unproductive": A Case Study of High-Level Visions of Economic Progress and Racialized Exclusion6. Segregated Housing Areas and the Discursive Construction of Segregation in the News7. How Many Ghettos Can We Count? Identifying Roma Neighbourhoods in Romanian Municipalities8. Conclusion: (Re)centring Labour, Class and Race
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