Racial Cities

Racial Cities

Governance and the Segregation of Romani People in Urban Europe

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List of illustrations Foreword by Eric Fassin Acknowledgments Introduction: Inside segregation 1. Nodes Colony: segregation rationales Metropole: from sedentarization to segregation Conclusion: toward an ethnography of nodes 2. Displacement Displacing the hygiene threat Racist order, racial icons Conclusion: evicted from diversity 3. Omission Governing an "ethnic bomb" "Racism is not a problem" Conclusion: racism and neoliberal doxa 4. Containment Colonial genesis Containing the outlandish Conclusion: a spatio- racial political technology 5. Cohesion Background Segregating cohesion Conclusion: racially structured cohesion 6. Correspondences Assembling nodes Colonial past, neoliberal present: depoliticization and racelessness Conclusion: defining racial cities 7. Conclusion: Beyond segregation? For the European city yet to come Urban research and practice Archives References Index
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