Race and Performance after Repetition

Race and Performance after Repetition

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Acknowledgments vii Introduction: Tidying Up after Repetition / Soyica Diggs Colbert, Douglas A. Jones Jr., and Shane Vogel 1 Part I. Toggling Time: Metatheaters of Race 1. So Far Down You Can't See the Light: Afro-Fabulation in Branden Jacob-Jenkins's An Octoroon / Tavia Nyong'o 29 2. The Performance and Politics of Concurrent Temporalities in George C. Wolfe's Shuffle Along / Catherine M. Young 46 3. A Sonic Treatise of Futurity: Universes' Party People / Patricia Herrera 71 Part II. Choreo-Chronographies 4. Joe Louis's Utopic Glitch / Tina Post 103 5. Sorrow's Swing / Jasmine Johnson 127 6. Parabolic Moves: Time, Narrative, and Difference in New Circus / Katherine Zien 142 7. Choreographing Time Travel: Rethinking Ritual through Korean Diasporic Performance / Elizabeth W. Son 173 Part III. Temporal (Im)mobilities: Dwelling Out of Time 8. Carceral Space-Times and The House That Herman Built / Nicholas Fesette 199 9. Performance Interventions: Natality and Carceral Feminism in Contemporary India / Jisha Menon 220 10. Whitnessing Queer Flights: Josue Azor's Lougawou Images and Antihomosexual Unrest in Haiti / Mario Lamothe 242 11. The Body Is Never Given, nor Do We Actually See It / Joshua Chambers-Letson 270 Bibliography 293 Contributors 317 Index
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