Queer Sites in Global Contexts

Queer Sites in Global Contexts

Technologies, Spaces, and Otherness


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Introduction 1 REGNER RAMOS AND SHARIF MOWLABOCUS 1 San Juan queer: mobile apps, urban spaces, and LGBTQ identities 14 REGNER RAMOS 2 A Kindr Grindr: moderating race(ism) in techno-spaces of desire 33 SHARIF MOWLABOCUS 3 Learning to become an extremophile: trans symbiosis and survival in Berlin 48 GED RIBAS-GOODY 4 Fluid territories: intersectional subjectivities through hereditary and digital spaces 66 MABIA CAMARGO AND EDUARDO MARTINS 5 Queer infrastructures: LGBTQ+ networks and urban governance in global London 82 BEN CAMPKIN 6 Digital dogma: relating the manifestations of religion online to the practices and experiences of Arab MSMs 102 KHALIDEN ALSALEH Contents 7 The carceral feminism of SESTA-FOSTA: reproducing spaces of exclusion from IRL to URL 117 JODY LIU 8 Queering the Map: on designing digital queer space 133 LUCAS LAROCHELLE 9 Transformismo: a spatial, cultural, and racial intervention in Chicago's queer and Latinx communities 148 LILIANA MACIAS 10 Communicating 'race' in a digitized gay China 162 OSCAR TIANYANG ZHOU 11 The Kenwood Ladies' Bathing Pond: instrumentalizing spatial imaginaries in the 'Trans Debate' in Britain 179 LO MARSHALL 12 Hear, Here: preserving and sharing the history of queer stories in La Crosse, Wisconsin 198 ARIEL BEAUJOT AND VICTOR M. MACIAS-GONZALEZ
Trans People;Queer Space;LGBTQ people;Queer Liberation;Digital spaces;LGBTQ Community;Global contexts;Quilombo;Queer life;Trans Sex Workers;Queer infrastructures;Queer People;Chinese Gay Men;Sex Worker;Trans Debate;Violating;Non-binary People;La Crosse;Sex Work;Bathing Pond;Anti-sex Trafficking;Queer Sites;MSN Messenger;Gay White Men;Spatial Governmentality;Western Gay;Color Blind Racism;Venue Closures