Queer Behavior

Queer Behavior

Scott Burton and Performance Art

The University of Chicago Press






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Acknowledgments Introduction: Scott Burton's Queer Postminimalism Street and Stage: Early Experiments 1. Imitate Ordinary Life: Self-Works, Literalist Theater, and Being Otherwise in Public, 1969-70 2. Languages of the Body: Theatrical, Feminist, and Scientific Foundations, 1970-71 Performance and Its Uses 3. The Emotional Nature of the Number of Inches between Them: Behavior Tableaux, 1972-80 4. Acting Out: Queer Reactions and Reveals, 1973-76 5. Pragmatic Structures: Sculpture and the Performance of Furniture, 1972-79 Conclusion: Homocentric and Demotic Appendix: List of Performances and Additional Artworks by Scott Burton, 1969-80 Notes Selected Bibliography Index
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