Quantitative Corporate Finance

Quantitative Corporate Finance

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Chapter 1. Introduction: Capital Formation, Risk, and the Corporation.- Chapter 2. The Corporation and Other Forms of Business Organization.- Chapter 3. The Corporation Balance Sheet.- Chapter 4. The Annual Operating Statements: The Income Statement and Cash Flow Statement.- Chapter 5. Financing Current Operations and Efficiency Ratio Analysis.- Chapter 6. Financing Current Operations and the Cash Budget.- Chapter 7. Capital and New Issue Markets.- Chapter 8. The Equity of the Corporation: Common and Preferred Stock.- Chapter 9. Long-Term Debt.- Chapter 10. Debt, Equity, the Optimal Financial Structure and the Cost of Funds.- Chapter 11. Investing in Assets: Theory of Investment Decision Making.- Chapter 12. Regression Analysis and Estimating Regression Models.- Chapter 13. Time Series Modeling and the Forecasting Effectiveness of the U.S. Leading Economic Indicators.- Chapter 14. Risk and Return of Equity and the Capital Asset Pricing Model.- Chapter 15. Multi-Factor Risk Models and Portfolio Construction and Management.- Chapter 16. Options.- Chapter 17. Real Options.- Chapter 18. Mergers and Acquisitions.- Chapter 19. Liquidation, Failure, Bankruptcy, and Reorganization.- Chapter 20. Corporation Growth and Economic Growth and Stability.- Chapter 21. International Business Finance.- Chapter 22. Management-Stockholder Relations: Is Optimal Behavior All that is Necessary?.
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