Protecting the Periphery

Protecting the Periphery

Environmental Policy in Peripheral Regions of the European Union

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1. Environmental Policy and Peripheral Regions of the European Union: An Introduction Steven Yearley, Susan Baker and Kay Milton 2. Policy Co-ordination in Brussels: Environmental and Regional Policy Sonia Mazey and Jeremy Richardson 3. Policy Networks on the Periphery: EU Environmental Policy and Scotland Elizabeth Bomberg 4. Administrative Capacity and the Implementation of EU Environmental Policy in Ireland Carmel Coyle 5. National Environmental Policy-making in the European Framework: Spain, Greece and Italy in Comparison Geoffrey Pridham 6. Spanish Pollution Control Policy and the Challenge of the European Union Susana Aguilar-Fernandez 7. Environment and the State in the EU Periphery: The Case of Greece Maria Kousis 8. The European Union and Visegrad Countries: The Case of Energy and Environmental Policies in Hungary Janne Haaland Matlary 9. Ups and Downs of Czech Environmental Awareness and Policy: Identifying Trends and Influences Petr Jehlicka and Jan Kara
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