Protecting Personal Information

Protecting Personal Information

The Right to Privacy Reconsidered


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1. Personal Information and Privacy I. The Genesis II. Defining 'Privacy' III. Privacy and Personal Information IV. A Constitutional Right V. A Way Forward VI. Personal Information 2. Personal Information and Data Protection I. Introduction II. The Association of Data Protection and Privacy III. EU Data Protection Law IV. The European Court of Human Rights V. Conclusion 3. Personal Information and Power I. Introduction II. Genetic Privacy III. National DNA Databases IV. Where is 'Privacy'? 4. Personal Information, Goods and Services I. Introduction II. Digital Robber Barons III. Online Profiling IV. Privacy and Pollsters 5. Personal Information and Freedom I. Introduction II. Anonymity III. Anonymous Remailers IV. Cryptocurrencies V. Sexual Preference VI. Scientific Positivism VII. Genetic Research VIII. Copyright 6. Personal Information and the Media I. Introduction II. Defining the Media III. Collecting and Communicating IV. 'Reasonable Expectation of Privacy' V. 'Misuse of Personal Information' VI. The Public Interest VII. Data Protection 7. Personal Information and Memory I. A Right to History II. Photographs III. Understanding the Past IV. Profiling V. Genetics VI. Privacy 8. Privacy Reconsidered
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