Promoting Active Citizenship

Promoting Active Citizenship

Markets and Choice in Scandinavian Welfare


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1. Does out-contracting of welfare services promote active citizenship?; Karl Henrik Sivesind and Hakon Solbu Traetteberg.- 2.The Changing Roles of For-Profit and Nonprofit Welfare Provision in Norway, Sweden and Denmark; Karl Henrik Sivesind.- 3. Education and elderly care in Denmark, Norway and Sweden: National policies and legal frameworks for private providers; Signe Bock Segaard and Jo Saglie.- 4. Towards a more diversified supply of welfare services? Marketisation and the local governing of nursing homes in Scandinavian countries; David Feltenius.- 5. Local governing of schools in Scandinavia - between state, market and civil society; Malene Thogersen.- 6. Active citizenship in Scandinavian schools and nursing homes; Hakon Solbu Traetteberg.- 7. Does the type of service provider affect user satisfaction? Public, for-profit and nonprofit kindergartens, schools and nursing homes in Norway; Tord Skogedal Linden, Audun Fladmoe and Dag Arne Christensen.- 8. The Future of the Scandinavian Welfare Model: User Choice, Parallel Governance Systems, and Active Citizenship; Karl Henrik Sivesind, Hakon Solbu Traetteberg and Jo Saglie.
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