Projections of Power in the Americas

Projections of Power in the Americas

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Introduction. Power and its Multiple Projections in the Americas Part I 1. The Bush Administration and the Theory of "The Unitary Executive" Niels Bjerre-Poulsen 2. The Nation and the Revolution -Techniques of Power and Interpellation in Revolutionary Cuba Jan Gustafsson Part II 3. Talking of Tlatelolco: The Power of a Collective Memory Suppressed but Not Surrendered Julia L. Sloan 4. The Power of Memory: The Construction of the Vietnam Veterans and Kent State Memorials Birgitte Madelung Part III 5. The Power of the Past: British North America in the Second Half of the 18th Century Merete Borch 6. Women's Rights as Human Rights: Exile, International Feminist Encounters, and Women's Empowerment under Military Rule in Chile, 1973-1990 Jadwiga Pieper Mooney Part IV 7. Projecting Power beyond the Law: Transnational Criminal Organizations Richard L. Millett 8. Old and New Ways of Influencing Social Movements in Latin America Mario Alberto Velazquez Garcia 9. Power and Nonprofit Organizations - North American Charity Organizations in a Mexican Town in the Border Region Helene Balslev Clausen Notes on Contributors Notes Index
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