Preaching in the Purple Zone

Preaching in the Purple Zone

Ministry in the Red-Blue Divide

Rowman & Littlefield






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Acknowledgments Introduction 1 Preaching about Controversial Justice Issues: Tracing the Contours of the Purple Zone 2 Beyond "Political": Reframing Our Understanding of Politics and Preaching 3 Homiletical Foundations for Purple Zone Preaching 4 Five Paths of Prophetic Preaching in the Purple Zone 5 Preparing for the Sermon-Dialogue-Sermon Process 6 Preaching Sermon 1: Prophetic Invitation to Dialogue 7 Deliberative Dialogue in the Purple Zone 8 Preaching Sermon 2: Communal Prophetic Proclamation 9 Case Studies from the Purple Zone, Part 1: Immigration 10 Case Studies, Part 2: Four Journeys into the Purple Zone 11 Building Bridges in the Purple Zone: Where Do We Go from Here? Appendix A: Sample Newsletter Article Announcing Deliberative Dialogue Appendix B: Options for Planning One, Two, or Three Sessions for the Deliberative Dialogue Appendix C: "Cheat Sheet" Questions to Encourage Deliberation Notes Selected Bibliography Scripture Index Index
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Bible; Clergy; Homiletics; Ministering; Parishoners; Preaching; Religion and Society; Social Politics; Theology