Practical Zen

Practical Zen

Meditation and Beyond


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Acknowledgements. Foreword by Miyamae Shinzan Gyokuryuji. Introduction: What you need and what you don't need. PART I: The first 49 days. 1. The physicality of Zen practice - Sitting on a chair. 2. Working with the breath - Breathing meditation. 3. Uncovering your fundamental adequacy: the Unborn - Unborn meditation. 4. Your Burning Question: Meditating with a Koan - Meditation with the koan "Who am I?". 5. From sickness to health: soft ointment meditation - Soft ointment meditation. 6. Cultivating guts: energising your hara - Building your hara. 7. Standing strong: including your legs - Energising the legs. 8. Activity's wheel runs free - Turning the wheel of the law. PART II: The Rest of Your Life. 9. Bringing it all together - Combined practice. 10. Roadmaps of your journey. 11. Putting it into practice: case studies. 12. Joining the lineage. PART III: Key Texts. 13. Translations of key texts. 14. About Shinzan and Daizan Roshi. Glossary.
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