Power and Politics in Sustainable Consumption Research and Practice

Power and Politics in Sustainable Consumption Research and Practice

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List of Figures List of Tables Author Biographies Introduction Power, Politics and Unsustainable Consumption Lucie Middlemiss, Cindy Isenhour, Mari Martiskainen Section I: On Political Economy and Sustainable Consumption A Consuming Globalism: On Power and the Post-Paris Agreement Politics of Climate and Consumption Cindy Isenhour Practice Does Not Make Perfect: Sustainable Consumption, Practice Theory and the Question of Power Dennis Soron Sources of Power for Sustainable Consumption: Where to Look Doris Fuchs, Sylvia Lorek, Antonietta Di Giulio, Rico Defila Section II: On Governmentality and the Notion of the Subject in Sustainable Consumption Pro-environmental Behaviour Change and Governmentality: Counter-Conduct and the Making up of Environmental Individuals Tom Hargreaves Freedom, Autonomy and Sustainable Behaviours: The Politics of Designing Consumer Choice Tobias Gumbert The 'Double Dividend' Discourse in Sustainable Consumption: A Critical Commentary Lucie Middlemiss, David Wingate and Anna Wesselink Section III: On the Politics of Identity and Difference in Sustainable Consumption Housing as a Function of Consumption and Production in the United Kingdom Mari Martiskainen Power and Politics in the (Work-Life) Balance: A Mixed Methods Evaluation of the Risks and Rewards of Downshifting Jacob Hammond & Emily Huddart Kennedy Who Participates in Community-Based Sustainable Consumption Projects and Why Does It Matter? A Constructively Critical Approach Manisha Anantharaman, Emily Huddart Kennedy, Lucie Middlemiss and Sarah Bradbury Index
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