Postmodern Time and Space in Fiction and Theory

Postmodern Time and Space in Fiction and Theory

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Introduction The Space of Nature I: Post-Romantic II: Post-Darwinian III: Post-Christian ... Post-Extractivist? IV: Posthuman, post-naturally and Post-apocalyptic - The Last Post(s)? The Space of the City I: The Nineteenth Century City II: The Modern City III: The Contemporary City Postmodern or Most Modern Time I: Modernist Times II: More Recent Times The Time and Space of the Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction I: The Age of Mechanical Reproduction II: One-Dimensional and Monosyllabic III: The Age of "Electrickery" IV: Art works in shared spaces? Travel: from Modernity to...? I: From pilgrim to tourist... to the airport... to the 'selfie' II: From Faustus to Houellebecq's Platform 7. Conclusion
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postmodern literature;modern literature;urban literary studies;ecocriticism;spatiality;nature writing;the environment