Post-Socialist Urban Infrastructures (OPEN ACCESS)

Post-Socialist Urban Infrastructures (OPEN ACCESS)

Sgibnev, Wladimir; Neugebauer, Carola S.; Tuvikene, Tauri

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1. Introduction: Linking Post-Socialist and Urban Infrastructures Tauri Tuvikene, Wladimir Sgibnev and Carola S. Neugebauer 2. Energy Poverty in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE): Understanding the European Union's core-periphery divide Stefan Bouzarovski and Sergio Tirado Herrero 3. The Thermodynamics of the Social Contract: Making Infrastructures Visible in the Case of District Heating in Two Towns in Serbia and Croatia Deana Jovanovic 4. Ideologies and Informality in Urban Infrastructure: The Case of Housing in Soviet and Post-Soviet Baku Sascha Roth 5. Changing times, persistent inequalities? Patterns of housing infrastructure development in the South Caucasus Joseph Salukvadze and David Sichinava 6. Post-Soviet 'Nuclear' Towns as Multi-Scalar Infrastructures: Relating Sovereignty and Urbanity Through the Perspective of Visaginas Siarhei Liubimau 7. Green Infrastructure in Post-Socialist Cities: Evidence and Experiences from Eastern Germany, Poland and Russia Dagmar Haase, Diana Dushkova, Annegret Haase, Jakub Kronenberg 8. Moscow Urban Development: Neoliberal Urbanism and Green Infrastructures Daniela Zupan and Mirjam Budenbender 9. Bengaluru's urban water infrastructure through the lens of post-socialism Chandrima Mukhopadhyay and Tauri Tuvikene 10. Public Transport in Brno: From Socialist to Post-Socialist Rhythms Ondrej Mulicek and Daniel Seidenglanz 11. Predictability and Propinquity on the Sofia Metro: Everyday Metro Journeys and Long-Term Relations of Transport Infrastructuring Anna Plyushteva 12. Infrastructures as Fluidities: How Marshrutkas Help Us to Overcome Static Conceptions of Road-Based Mobility Service Provision Tonio Weicker and Wladimir Sgibnev 13. Conclusion: Infrastructure and Post-Socialism in Theory and Practice Carola S. Neugebauer, Wladimir Sgibnev and Tauri Tuvikene