Politics, Policy, and Public Options

Politics, Policy, and Public Options


Cambridge University Press






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Introduction Ganesh Sitaraman and Anne Alstott; 1. More than meets the eye: government social provision and the politics of 'public options' Mallory SoRelle and Suzanne Mettler; 2. The entrepreneurial state: socializing risks and rewards Mariana Mazzucato and Henry Lishi Li; 3. Challenges in designing equitable public options Anne Alstott and Ganesh Sitaraman; 4. What about private options Jon D. Michaels; 5. The original - and still the best?: the health insurance public option and the politics of social reform Jacob S. Hacker; 6. The irony of health care's public option Allison K. Hoffman; 7. Promoting quality and equality through a public option in early childhood education and care Kimberly J. Morgan; 8. Revamping public energy Shelley Welton; 9. A public option in banking: postal banking Mehrsa Baradaran.