Poetry and Terror

Poetry and Terror

Politics and Poetics in Coming to Jakarta

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Introduction I. INTERVIEWS WITH FREEMAN NG Introduction: The Stream One Lives By I.i-I.iii Wind-driven ghost of snow II.i-II.iii As if in a small plane II.iv-II.v The blind man's prophecy Appendix to II.iv-v "shalt lose all companions" II.vi-II.vii We who desired to prepare the soil II.viii-II.ix The world like myself II.x-II.xi Cave of winds II.xii-II.xiii Indonesia II.xiv-II.xv This world that can only be dominated II.xvi-II.xvii The ruthlessness that made possible II.xviii-III.ii Part of the enemy III.iii-III.v An ovenbird's nest III.vi-III.vii The brooding toils of energy III.viii-III.ix Like the heroes of all good tales III.x The stream one lives by III.xi-III.xii The known and unknown roadways III.xiii-III.xv Like giant doomed stars III.xvi-III.xvii The cool hissing of the bullets IV.i Beyond the mists IV.ii-IV.iii The music changing IV.iv-IV.v Those baffled eyes IV.vi Truth and nonviolence IV.vii-IV.ix Its propensity to distance IV.x-IV.xii Portending deluge IV.xiii-IV.xiv If a sentence is left dangling IV.xv !Djakarta se acerca! IV.xvi-IV.xviii Whirr of low wings V.i-V.ii The shadow play V.iii Let there be the courage II Trauma, Poetry, Politics, and the Mystery of Hope III America's Culpability in Indonesia, and Why We Should Acknowledge It IV "Gaps" of Consciousness; or, How Writing Coming to Jakarta Led Me to Deep Politics Preface to Chapter 5 V The CIA and the Overthrow of Sukarno, 1965-1967 Epilogue to Chapter 5 (2015) VI Catastrophe and Hope: Art and Better Politics
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