Plants and their Interaction to Environmental Pollution

Plants and their Interaction to Environmental Pollution

Damage Detection, Adaptation, Tolerance, Physiological and Molecular Responses

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1. Plants and their unexpected response to environmental pollution: an overview 2. Effect of uv-b radiation on plants growth, active constituents and production 3. Effect of elevated CO2 on plants growth, active constituents and production 4. Effect of elevated O3 on plants growth, active constituents, and production 5. Plants response to SO2 or acid deposition 6. Fly ash toxicity, concerned issues and possible impacts on plant health and production 7. Effect of coal-smoke pollution on plants growth, metabolism and production 8. Effect of heavy metal pollution on plants: damage detection, repair, acclimation and adaptation response 9. Interaction of nanoparticles and nanocomposite with plant and environment 10. Toxic effects of essential metals on plants: from damage to adaptation responses 11. Phytoremediation response of plants: challenges and opportunities 12. Pesticide toxicity and their impact on plant growth, active constituents and productivity 13. Plant responses to water pollution 14. Plant response to industrial waste 15. Radioisotopes and their impact on plants 16. Effects of cell phone radiation on plants growth, active constituents and production 17. Effects of major munitions compounds on plant health and function 18. Aquatic macrophytes and trace elements: deleterious effects, biomarkers, adaptation mechanisms and potential new wave of phytoremediation processes 19. Production and role of plants secondary metabolites under various environmental pollution 20. Plant proteomics and environmental pollution 21. Genetic modification and genome engineering of plants for adverse environmental pollution
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Medicinal plants; environmental pollution; Air pollution; UV-B radiation; Radioisotopes; cell phone radiation on medicinal plants growth; SO2/acid deposition; Nutrient pollution; vehicular pollution on medicinal plants growth; Water pollution and medicinal plants; Medicinal plant response to coal-smoke pollution; fly ash; Engineered nanoparticles; Pesticide toxicity and their impact; Phytoremediation; proteomics research; metabolomics