Planning for Public Transport Accessibility

Planning for Public Transport Accessibility

An International Sourcebook


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1. Introduction: What is accessibility planning and why does it matter? 2. Spatial Network Analysis for Multimodal Urban Transport Systems (SNAMUTS): Understanding the Indicators 3. Continuity and change in Australasian cities 4. Stagnation and aspiration in North American cities 5. More with less? Accessibility and public transport efficiency in European cities 6. Eclipsing the car? Public transport designed to out-compete private transport 7. Public Transport Dominance in Wealthy Asian Cities 8. Polycentric and Multimodal Interfaces in the Dutch Randstad 9. Conclusion: Accessibility and best-practice land use-transport integration
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Public Transport Accessibility;Public Transport Network;Spatial Network Analysis;MRT;Rapid Transit;Dense;Contour Catchment;Melbourne CBD;LRT;Accessibility Performance;Clifton Hill;North Fitzroy;Activity Node;Route Segment;Public Transport Planners;Accessibility Shortfall;Vice Versa;Closeness Centrality;Travel Opportunities;Urban Public Transport;Travel Impediment;Accessibility Tools;Betweenness Scores;Rapid Transit Lines;Land Usetransport Integration