Planet Work

Planet Work

Rethinking Labor and Leisure in the Anthropocene

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Introduction: Denaturalizing the Slow Violence of Work - Ryan Hediger Section One: Questioning "Anthropocene" Frames Chapter 1: What's Past is Prologue: The Dragon, the Phoenix, and the Golden Spike - David L. Rodland Chapter 2: Anthropocene Performance: Work without Ends - Ted Geier Section Two: Rethinking Work in the Anthropocene Chapter 3: Unfree Labor: Slavery and the Anthropocene in the Americas - Ryan Hediger Chapter 4: The Rise of the Novel and the Narrative Labor of Horses in the English Novel of the Early Anthropocene - Sinan Akilli Chapter 5: Reconstruction Agrarianism in Douglass and Burroughs: Relational Labor Against White Supremacist Ownership - Daniel Clausen Chapter 6: The Work of the Globe: How the Unisphere, Icon of the 1964-65 World's Fair, Illuminates the Nature of Modern Work - James Armstrong Chapter 7: Leisure and Light Work: Coming of Age in Wendell Berry's and Thomas Pynchon's Novels of Extraction - Matt Wanat Section Three: Learning from Leisure in the Anthropocene Chapter 8: Walking the Line between Leisure and Labor: Dorothy Wordsworth and Harriet Martineau in the English Lake District - Amanda Adams Chapter 9: Labor, Leisure and Love of Country: Rangering in the Age of the Alt-NPS - Jennifer K. Ladino Chapter 10: Learning to Play in the Anthropocene: Winter Recreation and the Politics of Climate Change - Will Elliot and Kevin Maier Chapter 11: Weaving "Lifeworkings": Goanna Walking between Humanism and Posthumanism, Dharug Women's Way - Jo Rey Coda Pedagogical Anthropo/Scenes: Reviving Craft in the Academy - Sharon O'Dair Acknowledgements Notes Bibliography Notes on Contributors Index
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work; jobs; labor; environment; time; racism; purpose; Anthropocene; Unisphere; Wendell Berry; Thomas Pynchon; Frederick Douglass; John Burroughs; Dorothy Wordsworth; Harriet Martineau; English Lake District; climate change; Dharug Nura