Philosophical and Scientific Perspectives on Downward Causation

Philosophical and Scientific Perspectives on Downward Causation

Orilia, Francesco; Paolini Paoletti, Michele

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Chapter 1: Downward Causation: an Opinionated Introduction Michele Paolini Paoletti and Francesco Orilia Part I: Downward Causation and the Metaphysics of Causation Chapter 2: Three Grades of Downward Causation Francesco Orilia and Michele Paolini Paoletti Chapter 3: Downward Causation John Heil Chapter 4: Higher Level, Downward and Specific Causation Max Kistler Chapter 5: Powers and Downward Causation Erasmus Mayr Chapter 6: Emergence and Demergence Rani Lill Anjum and Stephen Mumford Chapter 7: Power Mereology, Structural Powers versus Substantial Powers Anna Marmodoro Part II: Downward Causation and the Sciences Chapter 8: The Use of Downward Causation in Condensed Matter Physics Stewart J. Clark and Tom Lancaster Chapter 9: Prospects for Strong Emergence in Chemistry Robin F. Hendry Chapter 10: Causality and Levels of Explanation in Biology Marta Bertolaso and Marco Buzzoni Chapter 11: The Interlacing of Upward and Downward Causation in Complex Living Systems. On Interactions, Self-Organization, Emergency and Wholeness Luciano Boi Chapter 12: Top-Down Causation in Biology and Neuroscience: Control Hierarchies William Bechtel Chapter 13: Early Complexity in Human Development Francois Jouen and Michele Molina Chapter 14: Scientific Emergentism and Its Move Beyond (Direct) Downward Causation Carl Gillett Part III: Downward Causation, Mind and Agency Chapter 15: The Mental Causation Debate and Qua Problems Sophie C. Gibb Chapter 16: Agent-Causation - Neither Upward Nor Downward Uwe Meixner Chapter 17 The Compatibility of Downward Causation and Emergence Simone Cozzano Chapter 18: The Views on Mental Downward Causation Mario De Caro and Matteo Grasso
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Anna Marmodoro; agency; biology; Carl Gillett; causal powers; chemistry; density functional theory; downward causation; Erasmus Mayr; emergence; epistemic reduction; Francesco Orilia; Francois Jouen; formal causation; inference; interventionist approach; John Heil; Luciano Boi; Marco Buzzoni; Mario De Caro; Marta Bertolaso; Matteo Grasso; Max Kistler; Michele Paolini Paoletti; Michele Molina; mental causation; metaphysics; naturalism; neuroscience; philosophy of mind; physics; powers-based approach; Rani Lill Anjum; Robin F. Hendry; Simone Gozzano; Sophie C. Gibb; Stephen Mumford; Stewart J. Clark; Tom Lancaster; Uwe Meixner; upward causation; William Bechtel