Perspectives on Community Well-Being

Perspectives on Community Well-Being

Kee, Youngwha; Lee, Seung Jong; Phillips, Rhonda

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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Chapter 1. Measuring Happiness: A Practical Review; Kai Ludwigs, Lena Henning and Lidia R. Arends.- Chapter 2. An Indigenous Perspective on Quality of Life; Pat Lauderdale.- Chapter 3. A Participatory Process: Creating Child Friendly Environments in Immediate Surroundings; UEmran Topcu and Sebnem Cana Kacar.- Chapter 4. Community Well-Being and Migration Intention of Residents; YeonKyeong Lee and Seung Jong Lee.- Chapter 5. Perceived Social Support Systems for Bereaved Students in Walter Sisulu University: A Pilot Study; Sabine Baninzi and T. Mdleleni-Bookholane.- Chapter 6. Community Well-being Data Collection Methodology, The case of Enschede, the Netherlands; Javier Martinez and Frans van den Bosch.- Chapter 7. The Relationship Between the Types of Needs Satisfaction and Subjective Well-being; Young Woong Kang and Seung Jong Lee.- Chapter 8. Shredding the Evidence: Whose Collective Impact are we talking about?; Geoffrey Woolcock.- Chapter 9. Fiscal Structure and Residents' Well-Being in Korea; Youngkyun Oh.- Chapter 10. Arts and Community Well-Being; HeeKyung Sung.- Chapter 11. Spirituality: The Missing Link of Sustainability and Happiness: A Framework for Holistic Development; Erica Berejnoi, Rohana Ulluwishewa, Scott Cloutier, Leah Gibbons and Susana Puga.
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