Persons and Other Things

Persons and Other Things

Exploring the Philosophy of the Hebrew Bible

University of Toronto Press






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Preface Preamble ... with a loosened tie Principles 1. Bibleism and Judaism: Four and a Half Dogmas of Bible Interpretation 2. Godless the Bible's Philosophy Isn't 3. "Jew" as a Category Label: Philosophy on the Holocaust 4. Hero, Israel: Troy and the Torah Passages 5. "On one leg": The Stability of Monotheism 6. "Where were you?": The Logic of the Book of Job 7. "Let them have dominion": The Bible and the Natural World 8. "Because ... God rested": Philosophy on the Sabbath Day 9. "In the day that you shall eat": Do and Die People 10. Eat, Pray, Smoke: Halakhah for the Goldsteins and the Goyim 11. God Loves You, Christopher Hitchens 12. Jerry and Jewry: Ethnicity and Humanity in G.A. Cohen 13. "O God, O Montreal!": Charles Taylor and Turbo-Charged Humanism 14. A Plea for Ontology: Thomas Nagel's Mind and Cosmos 15. Phenomenology and Analysis: A Bridge over the Waters Epilogue: The Acts of the Philosophers Finale: "The rest is the commentary thereof" Notes Bibliography Index
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philosophy;God in the Hebrew Bible;ontology;metaphysics;the category of the particular;Jewish;persons;Judaism;halakhah;religion and religiosity;writing philosophy;Christopher Hitchens;monotheism