Permanent Liminality and Modernity

Permanent Liminality and Modernity

Analysing the Sacrificial Carnival through Novels

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Preface Introduction Part I. Before WWI: Waiting for the Storm 1. Empires and their Collapse: Fin-de-siecle Vienna in Context 2. Hugo von Hofmannsthal: Promises and Realities 3. Novel Origins: Rilke's Notebooks of Malte and Hofmannsthal's Andreas Part II. Suspended in the In-Between: Franz Kafka 4. Kafka's Sources and Insights: Theatre and Other Modes of Distorted Communication 5. Kafka's Novels: In Between Theatre, Theology and Prophecy 6. The Zurau Notebooks: The Indestructible and the Way Part III. After WWI: Hypermodernity as Sacrificial Carnival 7. Thomas Mann: Death in Venice and Magic Mountain 8. Karen Blixen: Carnival and Angelic Avengers 9. Hermann Broch: Sleepwalkers 10. Mikhail Bulgakov: Master and Margarita 11. Heimito von Doderer: Demons 12. Bela Hamvas: Carnival Conclusion
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