Peacock Revolution

Peacock Revolution

American Masculine Identity and Dress in the Sixties and Seventies

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Introduction I. American Masculinity, Identity, and Dress 1800-1960 1. American Masculinity and the Postrevolution New Man 2. American Masculinity during the Second Industrial Revolution 3. Undermining Forces on American Masculinity 4. Crisis of Masculinity 5. American Masculine Identity in Dress before the Peacock Revolution 6. Individuality in Dress 7. Conclusion II. New Masculine Identities in the Postwar Counterculture 1. The Beat Generation 2. Other Nonconformists of the 1950s 3. The Teenager as a New Demographic 4. Conclusion III. Youthquake 1. The Generation Gap 2. Counterculture Movements 3. The Love Movement 4. Inchoate Movements 5. Hair Wars 6. The Sexual Revolution 7. Conclusion IV. The Peacock Revolution 1. The JFK Transition 2. The Teddy Boys 3. The Mods 4. The British Invasion 5. Carnaby Street 6. The Peacock Revolution in America 7. The Gay Panic of the Peacock Revolution 8. A New Notion of Fashion for Men 9. Suit Innovations and Revivals 1960-1975 10. Informality in Suiting 1960-1972 11. Peacock Splendor 12. Unisex 13. Sexual Exhibitionism 14. Fashion from the Street 15. Protest Tribal Dress and Identities 16. Multicultural Influences on the Peacock Revolution 17. Black Power and Black Identity in Dress 18. Peacock Revolution Accessories 19. Thermidor of the Peacock Revolution 1972-1975 20. Conclusion Notes Bibliography
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