Patternmaking History and Theory

Patternmaking History and Theory

Grayer Moore, Dr Jennifer

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List of Illustrations Notes on Contributors Preface Introduction (Jennifer Grayer Moore) 1. A Brief History of Patternmaking (Jennifer Grayer Moore) Approaches to Patterning Apparel: Formal Systems and Improvisation 2. An Education in Pattern Cutting c. 1950; the work of E. Sheila MacEwan (Hannah Wroe) 3. "Knitting Instructions": An Analysis of Red Cross Clothing Patterns (Rebecca Keyel) 4. Making and Mending for Victory: Pattern Creation, Distribution, Use, and the Goal of Conservation for Home Sewers During World War II (Jennifer Grayer Moore) Perspectives on Technical Design and Technological Advancement in Apparel Pattern Drafting 5. The Tailor's Voice: Pattern Drafting Systems and the State of the Art (Catherine Roy) 6. Computer-Aided Patternmaking: A Brief History of Technology Acceptance from 2D Pattern Drafting to 3D Modeling (Fatma Baytar and Eulanda Sanders) 7. Patternmaking Methods for Creating Size-Adjustable Garments (Ellen McKinney, Bingyue Wei) 8. Home Sewing Transformed: Changes in Sewing Pattern Formats and the Significance of Social Media and Web Based Platforms in Participation (Addie Martindale) Creative Diversity: Multicultural Approaches to Pattern Creation 9. Creolized Patternmaking: A Jamaican Perspective (Elli Michaela Young) 10. Re-Make, Re-Model, Re-Define; Fashioning A Nation's Identity (Anthony Bednall) 11. Designed to Impress: The Ottoman Kaftan (Gozde Goncu Berk) Bibliography Index
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