Partners for Preservation

Partners for Preservation

Advancing digital preservation through cross-community collaboration

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About the authors Foreword Introduction PART I: MEMORY, PRIVACY AND TRANSPARENCY1. Inheritance of digital media - Edina Harbinja2. Curbing the online assimilation of personal information - Paulan Korenhof3. The rise of computer-assisted reporting: challenges and successes - Brant Houston4. Link rot, reference rot and the thorny problems of legal citation - Ellie MargolisPART II: THE PHYSICAL WORLD: OBJECTS, ART AND ARCHITECTURE5. The Internet of Things: the risks and impacts of ubiquitous computing - Eireann Leverett6. Accurate digital colour reproduction on displays: from hardware design to software features - Abhijit Sarkar7. Historical building information model (BIM)+: sharing, preserving and reusing architectural design data - Ju Hyun Lee and Ning GuPART III: DATA AND PROGRAMMING8. Preparing and releasing official statistical data - Natalie Shlomo9. Sharing research data, data standards and improving opportunities for creating visualisations - Vetria Byrd10. Open source, version control and software sustainability - Ildiko VancsaAftermath Index
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