Parental Rights, Best Interests and Significant Harms

Parental Rights, Best Interests and Significant Harms

Medical Decision-Making on Behalf of Children Post-Great Ormond Street Hospital v Gard

Herring, Jonathan; Goold, Dr Imogen; Auckland, Cressida

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Imogen Goold, Cressida Auckland and Jonathan Herring 1. Setting the Scene - Supporting and Informing Shared Decision-Making at the Bedside: Avoiding and De-escalating Conflict between Clinicians and Families Emily Harrop 2. Evaluating 'Best Interests' as a Threshold for Judicial Intervention in Medical Decision-Making on Behalf of Children Imogen Goold 3. Parental Decisions and Court Jurisdiction: Best Interests or Significant Harm? Rachel Taylor 4. The Legal Basis of the Court's Jurisdiction to Authorise Medical Treatment of Children Rob George 5. In Defence of a Conditional Harm Threshold Test for Paediatric Decision-Making Dominic Wilkinson 6. The Harm Threshold: A View from the Clinic Giles Birchley 7. Beyond Best Interests: A Question of Professional Conscience? Jo Bridgeman 8. Preserving the Therapeutic Alliance: Court Intervention and Experimental Treatment Requests Sara Fovargue 9. Futility Cressida Auckland 10. Vulnerability and Medical Decisions Concerning Children Jonathan Herring 11. Resolving Disagreements about the Care of Critically Ill Children: Evaluating Existing Processes and Setting the Research Agenda Louise Austin and Richard Huxtable
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