Panic, Transnational Cultural Studies, and the Affective Contours of Power

Panic, Transnational Cultural Studies, and the Affective Contours of Power

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Acknowledgements List of Figures and Captions List of Contributors Introduction, Micol Seigel Part I. The Coloniality of Panic Chapter 1: Privateers and Public Ends: Piracy as Global Moral Panic- Jatin Dua Chapter 2: Moral Panic versus Moral Blindness: Responses to Children's Militarization in Uganda and the US- Michelle Moyd, Frances M. Clarke, and Rebecca Jo Plant Chapter 3: Ebola: Keywords- Adia Benton Chapter 4: A Panicky Atmosphere: On the Coloniality of Climate Change- Alex Chambers Chapter 5: The Panic over Human Smuggling: From the Nineteenth Century Coolie Trade to Today's Migrants- Elliott Young Part II. Too Mobile: Panic at the Borders Chapter 6: Rescuing the Blonde Angel: The Global Captivity Narrative and the Panic of 2013- Susan Lepselter Chapter 7: The Everywhere Drug War: Narcoterror and the Global Flows of the Methamphetamine Imaginary- Travis Linnemann and Kyra Martinez Chapter 8: Black Bodies, Wrong Places: Rolezinho, Moral Panic, and Racialized Male Subjects in Brazil- Osmundo Pinho Chapter 9: Circulating Sin: Sailors and Benevolence in Early Nineteenth-Century New York- Dana Logan Chapter 10: Transnational Securityscapes: Central American (Immigrant) Youth and the 'Military Option'- Elana Zilberg, Part III. Resisting Rescue: Sex/Work Chapter 11: Stop the Woman, Save the State: Policing, Order, and the Black Woman's Body- Rudo Mudiwa Chapter 12: Modern-Day Slavery: The Analogy Problem in Human Trafficking Reform- Julietta Hua Chapter 13: Saving Love: Compassion, Desire, Violence, and Deceit in Late Capitalism- Courtney Mitchel Chapter 14: And Still We Rise': Moral Panics, Dark Sousveillance, and Politics Otherwise in the New New Orleans- Laura McTighe
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