Pandemic Legalities

Pandemic Legalities

Legal Responses to COVID-19 - Justice and Social Responsibility

Mumford, Ann; Cowan, Dave

Bristol University Press






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Introduction ~ Dave Cowan and Ann Mumford Part 1 ~ Justice Ruling the Pandemic ~ Dave Cowan Remote Justice and Vulnerable Litigants: The Case of Asylum ~ Nick Gill Virtual Poverty? What Happens When Criminal Trials Go Online? ~ Linda Mulcahy Genera-Relational Justice in the COVID-19 Recovery Period: Children in the Criminal Justice System ~ Kathryn Hollingsworth Racism As Legal Pandemic: Thoughts on Critical Legal Pedagogies ~ Foluke Adebisi and Suhraiya Jivraj Rights and Solidarity During COVID-19 ~ Simon Halliday, Jed Meers and Joe Tomlinson COVID-19 PPE Extremely Urgent Procurement in England: A Cautionary Tale for an Overheating Public Governance ~ Albert Sanchez-Graells Part 2 ~ the Social Accountability for Health and the NHS in Post-Brexit COVID-19 UK: The 'Left Behind' and the Rule of Law ~ Tamara Hervey, Ivanka Antova, Mark Flear and Matthew Wood COVID-19 in Adult Social Care: Futures, Funding and Fairness ~ Rosie Harding Housing, Homelessness and COVID-19 ~ Rowan Alcock, Helen Carr and Ed Kirton-Darling Education, Austerity and the COVID-19 Generation ~ Alison Struthers What Have We Learned About the Corporate Sector in COVID-19? ~ Sally Wheeler Social Security Under and After COVID-19 ~ Jed Meers Maintaining the Divide: Labour Law and COVID-19 ~ Katie Bales From Loss to (Capital) Gains: Reflections on Tax and Spending in the Pandemic Aftermath ~ Ann Mumford and Kathleen Lahey
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