Oxide Electronics

Oxide Electronics

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1. Graphene Oxides for Electronics 2. Graphene Oxide Based Wearable Electronic Textiles 3. Magnetic Interactions in the Cubic Mott Insulators NiO, MnO, and CoO and the Related Oxides CuO and FeO 4. High-k Dielectric Oxides for Electronics 5. Low Temperature Growth of Germanium Oxide Nanowires by Template Based Self Assembly and their Raman Characterization 6. Electronic Phenomena, Electroforming, and Resisitive Switching in Metal-Insulator-Metal Diodes 7. Lead Oxide as material of choice for direct conversion detectors 8. ZnO Varistors: From Grain Boundaries to Power Applications 9. Fundamental Properties and Power Electronic Device Progress of Gallium Oxide 10. Emerging trends, challenges and applications in solid-state laser cooling. 11. Electrode Materials for Sodium Ion Rechargeable Batteries 12. Perovskites for Photovoltaics 13. Advanced Characterizations of Oxides for Optoelectronic Applications 14. Future Tuning Optoelectronic Oxides from the Inside: Sol-Ggel (TiO2)x-(SiO2)100-x 15. Binary Calcia-Alumina Thin Films: Synthesis and Properties and Applications 16. Oxide Cathodes
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