Oxford Handbook of Work and Family

Oxford Handbook of Work and Family


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Part One. Introduction and Overview 1. Introduction Tammy D. Allen, Lillian T. Eby 2. A Retrospective Timeline of the Evolution of Work-Family Research Kimberly A. French, Ryan C. Johnson 3. Theoretical Approaches to the Study of Work and Family: Avoiding Stagnation via Effective Theory Borrowing Russell A. Matthews, Julie Holliday Wayne, Sara Jane McKersie 4. A Review of Methodological and Measurement Approaches to the Study of Work and Family Laurent M. Lapierre, Alicia D. McMullan Part Two. The Worker 5. Gender and the Work-Family Domain: A Social Role-Based Perspective Lisa M. Leslie, Colleen Flaherty Manchester, and Yeonka (Sophia) Kim 6. Is It Who You Are That Counts? The Importance of Personality and Values to the Work-Family Experience Julie Holliday Wayne, Jesse S. Michel, and Russell A. Matthews 7. Emotional Regulation at Work and at Home Alicia A. Grandey and Morgan A. Krannitz 8. Recovery and the Work-Family Interface Sabine Sonnentag, Dana Unger, Elisabeth Rothe 9. Boundary Management Nancy P. Rothbard, Ariane Ollier-Malaterre Part Three. The Family 10. Couple Dynamics: Division of Labor Kristen M. Shockley and Winny Shen 11. Old and New Trends in Crossover Research Mina Westman 12. Child Outcomes Associated with Parent Work-Family Experiences Eunae Cho and Lindsay Ciancetta 13. Challenges and Supports for Employed Parents of Children and Youth with Special Needs Eileen M. Brennan, Julie M. Rosenzweig, Pauline Jivanjee, and Lisa M. Stewart 14. The Hidden Family Lives of Single Adults Without Dependent Children Wendy J. Casper, Dennis J. Marquardt, Katherine J. Roberto, and Carla Buss Part Four. Organizational Practice 15. Research to Action: Review of Research Conducted by the Families and Work Institute Ellen Galinsky 16. Work-Family from an Organizational Change Lens Kimberly J. Wells 17. Work-Family Practice in Multi-National Organizations Adam Massman, Kaitlin M. Kiburz, Jane Brodie Gregory, Silke McCance, and Andrew Biga 18. The Importance of Organizational Leadership in Managing Work and Family Debra A. Major and Michael L. Litano 19. Workplace Flexibility: Integrating Employer and Employee Perspectives to Close the Research-Practice Implementation Gap Ellen Ernst Kossek and Rebecca J. Thompson 20. Organizational Dependent Care Support Teresa J. Rothausen Part Five. Local, National, and International Context 21. Work, Family, and Community Krista Lynn Minnotte 22. The Impact of National Policy on Work-Family Experiences Laura den Dulk and Bram Peper 23. Cross-National Work-Life Research: A Review at the Individual Level Ariane Ollier-Malaterre Part Six. Special Topics 24. The Role of Technology in Managing the Work and Nonwork Interface Julie B. Olson- Buchanan, Wendy R. Boswell, and Timothy J. Morgan 25. Work-Family Intervention Research Leslie B. Hammer, Caitlin A. Demsky, Ellen Ernst Kossek, and Jeremy W. Bray 26. Considering Underrepresented Populations in Work and Family Research Mark D. Agars and Kimberly A. French 27. The Changing Dynamics of Careers and the Work-Family Interface Karen S. Lyness and Hilal E. Erkovan 28. Work, Family and Employee Health Joseph G. Grzywacz 29. A Neuroscience Perspective of the Work- Family-Life Interface Steven A. Y. Poelmans and Elena O. Stepanova 30. Work and Family in Times of Crisis Lillian T. Eby, Melissa Mitchell, and Lauren Zimmerman 31. Work- Family Issues in Family Business: Pertinent Aspects and Opportunities for Future Research Torsten M. Pieper, Joseph H. Astrachan, and John Neglia 32. Work-Family Issues for Men Brad Harrington, Beth K. Humberd, and Fred Van Deusen Part Seven. Integration and Future Directions 33. Inside Organizations: Work-Life Issues from a Practice Perspective Andrew Biga, Allan H. Church, Cara Wade, Angela K. Pratt, Kaitlin M. Kiburz, and Maxine Brown- Davis 34. Communicating Work-Family Research Beyond Academia for Thought Leadership and Impact Monique Valcour, Suzanne de Janasz 35. Advancing Work-Family Research and Practice Tammy D. Allen, Lillian T. Eby Index
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