Oxford Handbook of Sport and Performance Psychology (The)

Oxford Handbook of Sport and Performance Psychology (The)

Murphy, Shane (Professor, Psychology Department, Western Connecticut State University)

Oxford University Press






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The Oxford Handbook of Sport and Performance Psychology describes current research findings in the study of human performance: what makes performance excellent and what can go wrong? For the first time in one volume, experts from all fields of performance are brought together, covering domains including sports, the performing arts, business, executive coaching, the military, and other applicable, high-risk professions.
- Preface
- Part One: The Nature and Scope of Sport and Performance Psychology
- 1. History of Sport and Performance Psychology
- Alan S. Kornspan
- 2. The Psychology of Performance in Sport and Other Domains
- Kate F. Hays
- 3. Sport and Performance Psychology: Ethical Issues
- Doug Hankes
- 4. The Role of Superior Performance Intelligence in Sustained Success
- Graham Jones
- 5. Performance Psychology in the Performing Arts
- Sanna M. Nordin-Bates
- Part Two: Individual Psychological Processes in Performance
- 6. Concentration: Attention and Performance
- Aidan Moran
- 7. Conscious and Unconscious Awareness in Learning and Performance
- Rich Masters
- 8. Emotional Regulation and Performance
- Marc V. Jones
- 9. Anxiety: Attention, the Brain, the Body, and Performance
- Mark R. Wilson
- 10. Cognitions: Self-Talk and Performance
- Yiannis Theodorakis, Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, and Nikos Zourbanos
- 11. The Role of Imagery in Performance
- Jennifer Cumming and Sarah E. Williams
- 12. Motivation: Self-Determination Theory and Performance in Sport
- Martyn Standage
- 13. Modeling and Performance
- Penny McCullagh, Barbi Law, and Diane Ste-Marie
- 14. Efficacy Beliefs and Human Performance: From Independent Action to Interpersonal Functioning
- Mark R. Beauchamp, Ben Jackson, and Katie L. Morton
- 15. Perfectionism and Performance
- Joachim Stoeber
- Part Three: Social Psychological Processes in Performance
- 16. Teamwork and Performance
- Albert V. Carron, Luc Martin, and Todd Loughead
- 17. Leadership and Manifestations of Sport
- Packianathan Chelladurai
- 18. The Psychology of Coaching
- Daniel Gould
- 19. Moral Behavior in Sport
- Maria Kavussanu
- 20. Gender, Identity, and Sport
- Emily A. Roper
- 21. Relationships and Sport and Performance
- Sam Carr
- 22. Culture/Ethnicity and Performance
- Anthony P. Kontos
- Part Four: Human Development and Performance
- 23. A Developmental Approach to Sport Expertise
- Jean Cote and Bruce Abernathy
- 24. Training for Life: Optimizing Youth Development through Sport and Physical Activity
- Maureen R. Weiss, Lindsay E. Kipp, and Nicole D. Bolter
- 25. Talent Development: The Role of the Family
- Chris G. Harwood, Julie P. Douglas, and Antoinette M. Minniti
- 26. Expert Masters Sport Performers: Perspectives on Age-Related Processes, Mechanisms, and Motives
- Bradley W. Young and Nikola Medic
- 27. Transitions: Ending Active Involvement in Sports and Other Competitive Endeavors
- Albert J. Petitpas, Taunya Marie Tinsley, and Amy S. Walker
- Part Five: Interventions in Sport and Performance Psychology
- 28. Counseling Performers in Distress
- Zella E. Moore
- 29. Appearance- and Performance-Enhancing Drug Use
- Thomas B. Hildebrandt, Eleanna Varangis, and Justine K. Lai
- 30. Burnout: A Darker Side to Performance
- Kate I. Goodger and Martin I. Jones
- 31. The Body and Performance
- William B. Strean and Joseph P. Mills
- 32. Injury and Performance
- John Heil and Leslie Podlog
- 33. Pain and Performance
- John Heil and Leslie Podlog
- 34. Eating Disorders in Sport
- Trent A. Petrie and Christy Greenleaf
- 35. Physical Activity Interventions
- Stuart J. H. Biddle and Trish Gorely
- 36. The Role of the Sport and Performance Psychologist with the Coach and Team: Implications for Performance Counseling
- Christopher M. Carr
- 37. The Performance Coach
- Dave Collins and Sara Kamin
- 38. Optimal Performance: Elite Level Performance in "The Zone"
- Robert Harmison and Kathleen V. Casto
- 39. Supervision and Mindfulness in Sport and Performance Psychology
- Mark Andersen
- Part Six: Future Directions
- 40. Sport and Performance Psychology: A Look Ahead
- Kirsten Peterson, Charles Brown, Sean McCann, and Shane M. Murphy
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